Außenmaße 350 x 230 x H86 mm / 13.77 x 9.05 x H3.38 inch
Innenmaße 316 x 104 x H37 mm / 12.44 x 7.67 x H3.18 inch
Abdeckungstiefe - unten 16 + 65 mm / 0.63 + 2.55 inch
Gewicht 0,640 Kg
Kapazität 4,99 Lt

Max Capture is the new complete storage system by Panaro. Minimal weight, maximum resistance to impacts and IP67 rated (water and dust proof). This box is the ultimate solution to transport, protect and organize your fishing gear.

  • Stiff rig board in EVA100 with pins in the lid
  • 4 big compartments to manage your tools
  • Triple clip closure
  • 2 medium boxes (art. 101VTN and art. 101ATN)
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Watertight seal around lid

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