MAX Cases Certifications: A Guarantee of Technical Excellence and Safety

In the world of packaging and transportation, safety and quality are never optional. Panaro, with its MAX line of watertight cases, has earned a series of certifications that go well beyond simple industry standards. But what do these certifications exactly represent? And how do they influence the performance and reliability of the product? Let's find out together.

IP67: Technical Details of Water and Dust Resistance

The IP67 certification follows the IEC 60529 standard, which specifies the degrees of protection provided from dust and water. The number ”6” indicates that the MAX cases are fully protected from dust, in accordance with vacuum dust penetration tests inside the “Dust room” for 8 hours. The "7" indicates that the product can be submerged in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes without letting any water or moisture inside the case.

ATA300: Specifications for Air Transport

The ATA 300 Cat. 1 certification implies that the MAX cases have passed rigorous tests such as the "Drop Test" (280 drops) and the “Impact Test” where a 6 kg dart is dropped into the case from a height of 0.5 meters. This ensures that the container can withstand common impacts during air transport, including loading and unloading, and variations in atmospheric pressure up to 100 round trips.

UN4H2: Transport of Hazardous Goods

The UN4H2 certification complies with the UN regulations for the transport of hazardous goods, following the guidelines of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, Subsection 38.3. This includes thermal tests (to -18° C / -64.4°F) and the Stacking test, ensuring safety in the transport of lithium batteries and other sensitive materials. In particular:
UN3480 Unpackaged lithium-ion batteries (ex. battery + battery charger)
UN3481 Lithium-ion batteries packed with equipment
UN3490 Unpackaged lithium metal batteries
UN3491 Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment (ex. battery + battery charger)

DEF STAN 81-41, STANAG 4280, and MIL STD 810G: Highest Military Standards

These certifications follow NATO AQAP 1 and 4 standards for quality and resilience. The tests include vertical and horizontal drop, high heat and low temperature, drop after low temperature as well as vibration test according to DEF STAN, STANAG and MIL STR 810G Mthd 514.6 (vibration) e Mthd 516.6 (drop). The MIL STD 810G Mthd 508.06 (Fungus) e il Mthd 504.1 (Contamination fluid) adds further tests, such as resistance to mold, fungus and contaminating fluids, following MIL-STD-810G specifications.


MAX Cases certifications are not just a set of acronyms: they are the result of rigorous laboratory tests and international standards that attest the quality, durability, and safety of our products. Each new certification contributes to strengthening the degree of reliability of our products with the aim of offering our customers packaging solutions that meet and exceed the most demanding industry standards. For more technical information on our certifications and how they can benefit your business, please contact us.

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