Innovative Collaboration: Panaro's Custom Solution for Honda's Lithium-Ion Batteries

At Panaro, our journey of over sixty years in plastic molding and innovation has been marked by significant collaborations, none more so than our recent project with Honda. This partnership not only highlights our expertise but also underscores the value of collaborative innovation in addressing complex market needs.

Identifying the Need

The genesis of this project was Honda's keen market insight. They identified a crucial gap in the market: the need for more robust, certified protective cases for lithium-ion batteries. Recognizing that safety in transport extends beyond initial packaging, Honda sought a durable solution. Their approach to Panaro was the beginning of a unique collaborative effort.

Panaro's Role and Challenge

In response, we turned to our renowned MAX cases line. The challenge was significant: achieving the UN4H2 certification, a rigorous standard for the transport of dangerous goods, including lithium batteries. This was a formidable task, especially for plastic packaging cases, but we were committed to meeting and exceeding these standards.

Developing the Custom Solution

Honda's involvement was pivotal in this phase. Their expertise in battery technology and specific requirements for the DP72104Z battery for the eGX engine guided our design process. Together, we identified the ideal case size and developed a custom foam inlay that provided the perfect fit and optimal protection. This collaborative effort ensured a product not just compliant with standards but also tailored to Honda's exact needs.

Datasheet_DP72104Z Battery

Results and Impact

The successful outcome of this collaboration is a testament to the power of partnership. Honda has now incorporated this innovative solution into their catalogue and website, enhancing the safety standards in lithium-ion battery transport. This project has not only fortified our relationship with Honda but has also underscored Panaro's capability to deliver certified, high-quality transport solutions in close cooperation with our clients.


Our collaboration with Honda is a shining example of what can be achieved when expertise and vision come together. It reflects our shared commitment to innovation, quality, and market responsiveness. We are immensely proud of this joint endeavor and are excited about future collaborations that push the boundaries of what's possible.

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