Cosmin Constantine: Director of Photography at #MAXedTeam

I am Cosmin Constantin, a director of photography from Romania.
Recent projects have taken me all over the world, I have never worked so hard, and never have I enjoyed what I am doing as much as I do now.
From filming at some of Europe’s biggest festivals to making some amazing adverts for TV and online in amazing locations, I try to leave a piece of myself with every project and try to surround myself with people just as driven to create beautiful things.
I have been working as a freelance cinematographer and content creator for 10 years with international brands all across Europe, Dubai, Thailand, and Bali. I am thankful for everyone who ever believed in me and took part with me on this 10-year-old rollercoaster ride that I feel is just getting started.
I have always been attracted to still or moving images, I loved watching old black and white movies since I was a child, and one summer, I remember climbing into my grandparents' attic when I was 10 to find an old camera. It was dusty, an old brand that no one remembers anymore but it looked good to my 10-year-old eye. Had a brown leather case with straps that enveloped it and it smelled like old leather and plastic. It was my father’s old camera, he bought it when I wasn’t even born and even though it was a hobby for him, I would later make it my whole life.

That feeling of “I wonder what I can do with it” never left me.

Years followed, jumped from one cheap camera to the next and I still have the old developed films I used to make as a boy. I can see my whole childhood in moments when time stood still. I was nostalgic about a time I didn’t even experience but now I fully immerse myself in projects because one day that will be all that will be left of me. As a father myself, I can now say we are all here to be memories for our children. As a creative, you have to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, expose yourself to criticism, and understand the people trusting you with their brand or budget. I’ve seen a few people crack under pressure and leave the advertising world because of high demand, hectic hours, and lack of discipline. I think I have grown as a man and as a person in general doing this because every project comes with its own unique set of challenges. You have to speak from the heart and get others to do that as well. The old way of flashy advertising is gone, no one wants to see products being pushed on TV, and in ads, they want to see real people with real voices using them, sharing their thoughts and emotions.

I feel very lucky to be doing this but have struggled with it over time. Sometimes I had trouble sharing my creative passion with my job. I have a finance degree and have worked in the finance world after college and I’ve been doing martial arts for over 20 years, two aspects that din’t sit well with my creative side over the years. So I had to learn how to balance the need to prove myself in competitions and the gym with the need to show others how I saw the world through my lens. That wasn’t always easy, I had times when I felt like I was constantly in a different country and didn’t speak the language. I knew what I wanted to share with the people around me or with my clients but had a hard time expressing my creative direction.
As I matured, so did my work and I think as artists we get better with age, we learn to develop those skills that translate to people when we better understand who we are ourselves. Part of my journey to becoming a true professional was understanding the basics of filmmaking, learning to showcase my skill, and also one of my favorite parts: filmmaking gear. From cameras to lenses, cases, and lights, these wonderful things make our job a lot easier and much more fulfilling. I think every photographer and cinematographer goes through different stages and their gear gets bigger, more expensive, and more sensitive to help them better show their work.
I have always wanted to come on set rolling my gear in my own custom cases because in my mind that’s how I saw all the film crews doing it on set either on TV or in actual shoots that I have been a part of over the years. So it came as no surprise when I jumped at the chance to work with Max Cases and they provided me with some amazing cases to better store my gear, make my transitions from studio to the location ten times easier, and also help me stand out by personalizing my cases according to my gear.

I take great pride in everyone asking me where I got my hard cases and it makes my team safer, more efficient, and better looking! If I were to give a piece of advice to anyone reading this is to waste no time investing in themselves. That includes both personal growth and buying high-quality gear.

Whether it’s cameras, drones, musical instruments, or whatever your niche is, go 100% in and get the best you can afford, and always protect them with quality hard cases. Raise the standards of training and get that particular knowledge, skills, and gear necessary to perform your role at the highest level.
We should all be better and try to make others improve too!


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