Gabriele Montagni: Drone Pilot Ambassador of the #MAXedTeam

Welcome to my world,
I am Gabriele Montagni, a professional drone pilot specialising in FPV.

My passion for videomaking has deep roots, as I love capturing moments and narrating them with my unique vision.
Since the first drones arrived on the market, I have turned this passion into a profession, becoming a top pilot over the years.

My career has led me to collaborate with renowned Italian and global companies, including entertainment giants such as Netflix and Prime Video, as well as luxury automotive brands such as Porsche, BMW and also many big name agencies.

My job is to capture extraordinary images and spectacular videos with the essence of the moment and the elegance of the products and services I am asked to film. When I am not busy with work, the mountains are one of my great passions. I love to spend relaxing moments immersed in nature, and as a drone pilot, I can't help but always carry a drone with me to 'surf' the peaks, giving me a view that not everyone can admire.

As a Max Cases Ambassador, I am proud to represent a brand that shares my passion for excellence and safety. Thanks to their reliability and solidity, I can travel anywhere knowing that my drones will be protected and ready for any new adventure. I am grateful to be able to share my passion for flight, technology and nature with you through my projects and experiences.

As future projects, I would like to establish myself more and more in the film world and create my own production company specialising exclusively in aerial filming, and to continue my journey with Max and develop new projects together.

I hope you will join me on this exciting journey into the world of drones and aerial cinematography,
to explore the world together with different eyes and perspectives! 😉

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