CRIBIS endows Panaro with the highest economic-business reliability recognition

CRIBIS, company specialized in the selling of business information on Italian as well as foreign companies, has assigned Panaro the CRIBIS Prime Company recognition, endowing it with the maximum level of reliability as a counterparty in B2B transactions.

The CRIBIS Prime Company is a highly valuable acknowledgement since each year it is assigned only to 5,3% of the more than 6 million Italian companies. CRIBIS allocates the merit using the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a synthetic indicator that, on the basis of a statistical algorithm, it is able to measure a company’s probability of generating severe insolvencies. For the calculation, different variables are considered, among which a company’s main profile information, indexes and balance sheet data, company seniority, payment experiences and the potential presence of negative information.

The CRIBIS Prime Company recognition is, as such, the highest level of business reliability for an organization, and it is allocated only and exclusively to companies which maintain constantly a high economic and commercial reliability record and a history of prompt payments towards their suppliers.
This recognition is an important demonstration of the level of business solidity of Panaro and an assurance for all companies which have chosen Panaro as a business Partner.


CRIBIS was founded in 2009 after the acquisition of Dun & Bradstreet Italy by CRIF Group. CRIBIS is specialized in the selling of business information, providing the widest information network on Italian companies and on more than 500 million companies located worldwide, thanks to its belonging to the D&B Worldwide Network. For more information:

*Important Note for the subsequent use or for the external disclosure of the CRIBIS D&B Rating:

The “CRIBIS D&B Rating” does not have to be mistaken with a rating issued by a credit Rating Agency registered in the European Community. The “CRIBIS D&B Rating” is the outcome of a statistical algorithm and does not comprise the assessment of a Rating Agency concerning the credit merit of a company to which it is assigned; as such it cannot be used for capital market purposes and, more in general, for purposes concerning the CE n. 1060/2009 Guidelines of the European Parliament and Council and its subsequent alterations.*

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