External dimensions 325 x 255 x 56 mm / 12.80 x 10.40 x 2.20 inch
Internal dimensions 315 x 240 x 46 mm / 12.39 x 9.44 x 1.81 inch
Weight 0.456 Kg

Plastic fishing Small Parts Box 193 with internal measurements 325 x 255 x 56 mm / 12.80 x 10.40 x 2.20 inch. Transparent color with red handle.

Equipped with a handle and interlocking clip for coupling, this small parts box is available in different configurations: with 14 or 21 internal compartments. Material: polypropylene.

Over 60 years experience in developing plastic solutions for sport and recreational fishing equipment. Accessories, small parts boxes, buckets and tackle boxes are only some of the products included in our wide range.

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